The Waterford School is a proud member of the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS). In this study, the National Center for Education Statistics selected a wide range of 8th graders from a variety of schools and followed them over a 12-year period. Here are some research highlights:

  • Independent school graduates lead the nation in post-secondary achievement. Roughly 80% of  independent school students earn a four year degree or higher versus 40% of their public school peers.

  • Independent school graduates pursue a rich variety of majors. Roughly 55% of independent school graduates plan to earn postgraduate degrees by age 30 as opposed to 22% of their public school peers.

  • Independent school graduates are more civically engaged and active participants in their communities. With high rates of volunteerism and a strong sense of civic duty they outpace their non-independent school peers in community service.

  • Small class sizes are key to providing the highest quality education. Independent schools nationally have a 9:1 student to teacher ratio while public schools have a 16:1 student to teacher ratio.